Board Of Education Full Kit with power supply

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The Board of Education "Full Kit" 28102 contains a Board of Education, BASIC Stamp 2 module, pluggable wires, serial cable, cd-rom, and power supply. A 9V DC 300ma power supply is included with the BOE Full Kit (#28102).

  • Mechanically interlocked power supply to prevent dual connection of wall-pack and 9-volt battery
  • DB9 connector for BS2-IC programming and serial communication during run-time
  • P0 - P15 I/O pins, Vdd and Vss connections brought adjacent to 5.1 x 3.5 cm (2"" x 1 3/8"" breadboard area)
  • Includes set of ten (10) color-coded 22 gauge wires
  • Female 10-pin dual row connector for optional AppMods (more breadboard space)
  • Traces on top of the board show connections between BS2-IC and breadboard connections