Velleman Thermostat With Remote Control Via the Telephone

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The thermostat is used as any other one, but with the added facility of choosing the day or night temperature setting by means of a telephone. The remote control facility is operated via the telephone keypad, thus a DTMF type phone is required. From audio signals sent down the line, the user receives a report back on how the thermostat is set. Switching is protected by a security code, set by the user, which is keyed into the telephone in a simple manner.


•separate settings for day and night

temperature with LED indication

•relay output with LED indication: 5A / 240V AC (1200W)

•telephone pick-up after � 3 or 8 rings

•report when the temperature has fallen below 37.4℉

•automatic hang-up if no code is received within 40 seconds

•possible security codes: from 000 to 999

•day temperature: from 57℉ to 79℉

•night temperature setting: from 43℉ to 64℉

•hysteresis (allowed temperature swing): 0.1℉

•local manual control

•supply voltage: 220VAC