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Rechargeable 50 Watt Loud Megaphone with Siren Bullhorn Speaker Outdoor Portable Amplifier


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Our rechargeable portable megaphone is ideal for coaches, or for any other individual who needs to be heard in the crowds or outdoors. The megaphone features 50 watts of power, which is powerful enough to have your voice be heard up to 765 yards away, or over 2 football fields. The highly durable megaphone is made of high quality ABS plastic to endure those accidental drops! An optional shoulder strap is included. The detachable handheld microphone is perfect to use when the megaphone is being attached to you by the shoulder / belt strap. This is useful for football coaches or track coaches who will be using the bullhorn for extended periods of time. Includes a rechargeable battery pack that can be charged using the included 3.8 foot charging cord. The megaphone can also be powered by 8x D type batteries (not included).

  • Loud 50 Watt Rechargeable Megaphone with Detachable Handheld Microphone and Siren mode
  • Sound Coverage: Approximately 2,300 feet (over 2 football fields!)
  • Rechargeable battery pack and charging cable included, also accepts 8x D batteries (not included) as an alternative power option
  • Detachable handheld microphone with volume control, On/Off button, and Hold switch. Alternate between SIREN and TALK modes using the switch on the megaphone.
  • Measures 9" (Horn Diameter) x 14" (Length). Weighs 2.4 pounds with battery pack inside. Optional shoulder strap included.