Balsa Dragster Kit (CO2)

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These kits reinforce engineering, technology, and math concepts as students design and build their efficient model dragsters.

  • Carbon-dioxide (CO2) dragster kit provides students in grades 6-12 a hands-on activity to design, build, and race a model CO2 dragster that demonstrates the scientific concepts of aerodynamics, motion, drag, and friction.

  • Includes all parts for building a dragster and a lightweight balsa body blank that each student can shape with basic cutting, shaving, or sanding tools for creativity and individuality in the design process.

  • Teaches automotive design processes and contains illustrations and step-by-step instructions for building a metric CO2 dragster

    Kit includes -

  • 12" Balsa blanks pre-drilled for Co2 cartridge (1ea)
  • Front & Rear Spoke Wheels (2 of each set)
  • Instructions (1ea)
  • CO2 Cartridges (1ea)
  • Axle Washers (4 ea)
  • Steel Axles (2 ea)
  • Screw Eyes (2 ea)
  • Sandpaper (1ea)
  • Graph paper (1ea)