Akro-Mils Louvered Bench Rack - Large

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Louvered Panels, Floor Racks and Bench Racks for use with AkroBins, InSight Bins or Universal Hanging Bins. Louvers allow bins to securely hang, keeping parts and supplies organized and out of the way. Wall-mount louvered panels keep parts up off the ground and free up floor space. Floor racks can be placed near work areas to improve productivity. Bench racks keep vital tools and supplies at eye level and within reach.

Formed from 16-gauge cold-rolled steel for strength and durability. Durable powder-coated finish stands up to heavy-duty service. Standard color Gray, some models available in Beige or Textured White.

Louvered Bench Rack, 36"L 8"W 20"H, Gray (98636)