Rigol DK-DS6000 Demo Board for Oscilloscopes

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This flexible DS6000 accessory can also be used with other RIGOL oscilloscopes featuring many of the same signal display and triggering functions. This is made for the DS6000 scopes, but it can also be used with other scopes like the DS4000 and DS2000 series Rigol Oscilloscopes.


  • Frequent abnormal signal
  • Manual abnormal signal
  • Manual burst
  • Narrow pulse
  • Sine signal superimposed with glitch
  • Square signal superimposed with glitch
  • Crosstalk signal
  • RS232/UART signal
  • SPI signal
  • I2C signal
  • CAN signal
  • Signals for testing logic analyzer
  • Square signal
  • Sine signal
  • Digital-to-analog (DA) signal (filtered/unfiltered)