Parallax 2 Axis Joystick

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2-Axis Joystick can add analog input to your next project. This device contains two independent potentiometers (one per axis) for reporting the joystick’s position, with wiring options for voltage or resistance outputs. Its modular form-factor allows you to plug the 2-Axis Joystick directly into a breadboard for easy prototyping. Comfortable and convenient to use, this joystick features a comfortable cup-type knob, and springs that auto-return to the center position.

This Joystick is supported by web tutorials and example code for the BASIC Stamp, Arduino, and Propeller microcontrollers, and has dedicated blocks in the BlocklyProp visual programming environment. See the Downloads and Additional resources tabs below.

  • Easy breadboard connection
  • Two independent 10 K potentiometers with common ground
  • Spring auto-return to center
  • Comfortable cup-type knob
Key Specifications:
  • Power: 0.01 W
  • Interface: Dual 10 k-ohm potentiometers with common ground
  • Dimensions: 1.64″ H x 1.40″ L x 1.10″ W (41.67 mm H x 35.56 mm L x 27.94 mm W)
  • Operating temp range: +32 °F to +158 °F (0 °C to +70 °C)