Parallax SumoBot WX Comp Kit

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The SumoBot WX Competition Kit with the FLiP Multicore Microcontroller combines what we love about robotics: the easy-to-use BlocklyProp visual programming language, a pair of robots that autonomously battle for dominance in a Sumo ring, and experiential learning throughout the tutorials — one wheel revolution at a time.

Aside from the ring (which you’ll make on your own) this kit includes enough sensors and components to program, test, battle, and rebuild many times. We don’t know what it is exactly about the SumoBot that gets our customers so excited, but maybe it’s the closest thing to BattleBots or a science fiction future in which robots peacefully manage disagreements for their people.

Parallax’s experience with wrestling robots started with our original SumoBot built upon the BASIC Stamp 2. The new SumoBot WX design has improvements too numerous to list. First, it uses the popular FLiP Multicore Microcontroller in a socket, which may be removed for other projects. Easy programming with visual BlocklyProp supports set-and-forget motor control signals, parallel sensing, and detection during runtime. The sleek, flat black SumoBot WX circuit board and chassis absorb some of your opponent’s infrared sensing ability, and our new low-durometer sticky tires to keep you from sliding out of the ring when attacked from the side. The SumoBot WX board includes a three-position switch common to all Parallax robots.

Expansion capabilities include sockets for wireless programming with the ESP8266 WX WiFi DIP Module), for a Memsic 2125 2-axis accelerometer and for the LaserPING distance sensor, both sold separately. However, there’s plenty of sensing in the kit already to keep most programmers occupied for a long time!

Robot assembly requires about two or three hours each using the included tools. You’ll need to provide four AA batteries for each robot. You’ll also visit your nearby hardware store and buy a 36–40” round tabletop “ring” which we found at a big-box retailer (alternatively, you could cut a round piece from cabinet-grade 5/8-inch thick plywood). Then, sand it smooth and paint it with flat black and reflective white paint. This two-hour project becomes part of the fun!


  • Two complete SumoBot WX robot kits with a Propeller FLiP multicore microcontroller brain
  • Infrared emitters and detectors for sensing opponents in front and to the sides
  • QTI sensors for detecting detecting the black and white sections of the Sumo ring
  • Free tutorials and visual BlocklyProp online programming tools

Application Ideas:

  • Classroom and family competition
  • Office and corporate team-building events
  • Robotics club competitions

The SumoBot WX Competition Kit includes TWO complete sets of the following items.

Control boards

  • (1) SumoBot WX board (#32134)
  • (1) Propeller FLiP microcontroller module (#32123)
  • (1) USB A to microB cable (#805-00006)

Chassis parts

  • (1) SumoBot chassis (#720-27403)
  • (1) SumoBot Front Scoop (#720-27404)
  • (1) 4AA Battery Holder with plug (#700-00038)
  • (2) Parallax Continuous Rotation Servos (#900-00005)
  • (2) Robot Wheels (#721-00001)
  • (2) Molded Tires for robot wheels (#721-00022)

Hardware parts

  • (2) screws, 1/4-inch, 4-40 (#700-00028)
  • (8) screws, 3/8-inch screws, 4-40 (#700-00002)
  • (4) screws, 1/2-inch, 4-40 (#710-00006)
  • (4) screws, 1-inch, 4-40 (#710-00002)
  • (4) standoffs, 1 1/4-inch, 4-40 (#713-00002)
  • (4) threaded spacers, 5/8-inch (#713-00000)
  • (10) locknuts, 4-40 (#700-00024)
  • (1) screwdriver (#700-00064)
  • (1) combination wrench (#700-10025)
  • (2) Nylon screws, flat-head, 1/2-inch, 4-40 (#710-00046)
  • (8) Nylon spacers, 1/8-inch (#713-00019)
  • (8) Nylon spacers, 1/16-inch (#700-00015)
  • (2) Nylon nuts, 4-40 (#700-00036)

Electronics parts

  • (4) Red LEDs (#350-00006)
  • (4) Infrared LEDs (#350-00003)
  • (4) Infrared Receivers (#350-00039)
  • (4) LED Shields (#350-90005)
  • (4) LED Shield Bases (#350-90004)
  • (4) QTI sensors (#555-27401)
  • (4) 3-wire Extension Cables, 8″ (#800-00080)