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10 Amp Variable Transformer, 1000Va Max, 0~130 V Output

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This variable transformer is a great device for quality control testing, equipment testing on low and high voltage, control over heat, speed, and more. In order to purchase the right variable transformer, it is critical that you know the amp usage by your electronic device. It is always best to be conservative otherwise you risk destroying the variable transformer and it can be very dangerous. Most devices have a surge amperage (when first turned on) that is much higher than the device's operating amp rating. For example, if your device requires 5 amp, buy the variable transformer with up to 10 amp to account for the surge amperage. Note - Indoor use only. Do not operate in a condition that may cause electrocution and fire. Do not operate in a wet environment. Do not operate near flammable substance.

  • Input voltage: 110V;
  • Output Voltage: 0 to 130 VAC
  • Output Current: 10 amp
  • 5' cord with 3 prong plug