Weller WT1010N - 90 Watt Soldering Station (WT1N) with WTP90 Iron

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The Weller WT1010N is a 90 watt, single channel soldering station with digital controls and a WTP90 soldering iron. The WT1010N is also compatible with a variety of other handpieces and peripheral devices.

The WT1N contains an LCD screen on its front panel, which provides a detailed overview of all station functions. Background illumination is adjustable, and a power bar graph shows output from the station to the iron tip. Menus are easily navigated through four buttons, providing access to temperature control, password protection and much more.

The WT1N is compatible with a variety of tools, as well as other devices including preheaters, fume extractors and more. The following is a list of the most popular models:

  • WTP90 - 90 watt hybrid soldering iron
  • WP65 - 65 watt soldering iron
  • WP80 - 80 watt soldering iron
  • WSP80 - 80 watt soldering iron
  • WTA50 - 2x25 watt tweezer
  • WHP80 - 80 watt heating plate
  • WSB80 - 80 watt solder bath
  • Zero Smog TL - fume extractor


  • 90 watt soldering station
  • Includes WTP90 soldering iron
  • Single channel
  • Uses XNT series tips
  • LCD screen detailed provides overview of all functions
  • Backwards compatible with existing soldering tools