Weller WX2024 Ultra MS - Two Channel Soldering Station with WXUPMS Ultra Iron (Mil Spec)

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The Weller WX2024 Ultra MS is a two channel soldering station with digital controls, capable of powering one 200 watt, or two 120 watt tools simultaneously. As part of the WX family, it is compatible with many WX handpieces and peripherals, making it easily customized to your particular application.

The WX2024 Ultra MS includes the WXUPMS Ultra iron, WSR200 2-in-1 safety rest with metal wool brass and sponge, and RTU032SMS chisel tip (3.2 x 0.8mm).

The WX series was designed for ease of use. Irons contain a visual indicator letting operators know when their tool is ready to use. If the handle's LED is blinking, the device is in standby or heating up. When the light is on, the tip is ready to use. In addition, WX tools contain a motion sensor, so that they only turn on when in use, and go into standby when placed in the stand.

The Weller WX2024 Ultra MS is compatible with several different types of irons, tweezers, fume extractors and much more:

  • WXP65 - 65 watt soldering iron
  • WXP80 - 80 watt soldering iron
  • WXP90 - 90 watt hybrid soldering iron
  • WXP120 - 120 watt soldering iron
  • WXP200 - 200 watt soldering iron
  • WXPP - 40 watt Pico soldering iron
  • WXMPMS - 40 watt Micro soldering iron
  • WXUPMS - 150 watt Ultra soldering iron
  • WXMTMS - Micro tweezer
  • WXHP120 - Preheater
  • WXSB200 - Solder Bath
  • Zero Smog 4V - Fume Extractor


  • Two channel soldering station
  • Includes WXUPMS Ultra iron (mil spec) with stand and tip
  • WXUPMS iron uses RT Ultra - Mil Spec tips
  • Ultra iron provides 150 watts of power and is designed for heavy duty applications
  • Thermal core on Ultra tips is designed for optimal heat transfer through the joint and maximum power
  • Both channels can be used simultaneously
  • Station works as a benchtop controller to control tips, tools, fume extraction and peripheral tools
  • Toolless tip change
  • Extremely fast heat-up time: 7 seconds