So you’re just getting into electronics as a hobby, and you want to know what you need to start. Obviously, you’ll need tools and equipment; but which ones? And how much will it cost?

It turns out that you can have a very nice set-up for about $250.
Follow the below steps to get started with how you should setup your workbench with the right tools.

Step1: Choose a well-lit area

You need a flat surface to work on, one close to an electrical outlet. Ideally, you would have a dedicated area so you could leave a project as-is and then come back to it later and pick up where you left off

Step 2: Choose the right tools

You need a basic set of tools. Trying to work without the right tools is usually an exercise in frustration. What follows is a list of must-have tools.

Final Thought

An oscilloscope (with probes) is the first item you’ll want to add to your basic workbench when you can. You can wait to add a function generator and other equipment. Now, roll up your sleeves, get a cup of coffee, and start building projects!

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