RSR 1000-T Portable Lab Station PAD 234 Assembled

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The RSR 1000-T Lab Station provides the user with a completely self-contained portable lab set-up featuring the most commonly used test equipment and tools.


Any tool or component in this kit found to be defective will be replaced up to 2 full years from the date of purchase.

PAD-234 - Analog/Digital Trainer

Analog/Digital Trainer with onboard power supplies to facilitate the breadboarding of both analog and digital circuits.

Modular design permits ease of assembly and diagnostics. Printed circuit boards are interconnected by compact connector assemblies. Troubleshooting is simplified by conveniently accessible test point jacks.

PAD-234 Kit is Available in 3 Modules

FTB - Field Technician's Case

  • Anodized aluminum texture finish
  • Removable tool pallet with 17 pockets
  • 18" long x 13" wide x 7" high

DM717 - Multimeter

  • Full featured DMM
  • Hfe and capacitance checker
  • Audible continuity checker

610-B - Logic Probe

  • TTL/CMOS compatible
  • 20 - MHz logic tester, Hi/Lo and pulse memory

Scientific Calculator

  • Standard scientific functions
  • Binary, octal, hexadecimal calculations
  • Statistical functions


  • Long Nose Pliers
  • Diagonal Cutter
  • Wire Stripper
  • Soldering Iron
  • Heavy Duty Soldering Iron Stand
  • Desolder Vacuum Pump
  • 3 pc. Screwdriver Set
  • 3 pc. Nut Driver Set
  • 4 pc. Precision Screwdriver Set
  • 4 pc. Solder Aid Set
  • IC Extractor
  • 10 - gm Solder Pack
  • Desolder Wick
  • Oscilloscope Probe (IC Clip)
  • Oscilloscope Probe (Alligator)
  • 10 pc. Alligator-to-Alligator Lead Set
  • 2 pc. Banana-to-Alligator Lead Set
  • 2 pc. Banana-to-Banana Lead Set