Parallax Boe-Bot to Shield-Bot Retrofit Kit (for Arduino)

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If you are a fan of the original BASIC Stamp Boe-Bot Robot, but find you need to convert one (or a whole fleet) to be Arduino Uno compatible, use this retrofit kit to create a “Shield-Bot.”

The Board of Education Shield plugs right on top of your own Arduino Uno (not included!) and the two boards are held together with the included hardware. A 5-AA battery pack brings the power supply up above 7 V, the recommended input voltage for an Arduino Uno. (Also need an Arduino Uno? Get this version instead.)

Then, you are ready to follow the free web tutorial “Robotics with the Board of Education Shield for Arduino.” This adaptation of the original Robotics text begins with a programming tutorial, and then works through all of the classic DIY navigation sensor circuits: touch-whisker switches, light-following with photo-transistors, and object detection with infrared headlights. (If you are also in need of replacement circuit components, see our Small Robot Electronics Pack.)

Many robotic add-ons are also supported with Arduino example code, including the QTI Line Follower, Ping))) Ultrasonic Distance Sensor & Mounting Bracket, Gripper Kit, and IR Remote Control. See the Additional Resources below for links.

  • Retrofits your Boe-Bot robot to accept an Arduino Uno (not included)
  • Board of Education Shield supports all the classic DIY navigation sensor circuits
  • 5-AA battery pack brings input voltage up to 7.5 V
  • Hardware included for holding the Shield and Arduino Uno together
  • Supported by the Retrofit Instructions and free Robotics with the Board of Education Shield web tutorial

Note: Arduino Uno and USB A to B programming cable required, not included.

Note: The 5-AA battery pack brings the power supply up to 7.4 V; the Arduino Uno input range is 7-12 VDC, with 7 V recommended.

Kit Contents:
  • (1) – Board of Education Shield for Arduino
  • (1) – Battery Holder 5-AA Barrel Jack
  • (3) – Spacers, 1/2″ Nylon
  • (3) – Hex Nuts, #4-40 Nylon
  • (3) – Screws, 7/8″ #4-40
  • (3) – Screws, 3/8″ #4-40 Nylon