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MG Chemicals 454 Desoldering Braid Fine Braid Super Wick with RMA Flux, 50' Length x 0.1" Width, Blue

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  • Coated with RMA flux
  • 1/10 inch width (2.5mm)
  • 50 foot length
  • NSF — nonfood compounds program listed
  • Economical

Fine Braid Super WickTM is a tightly woven, oxide-free copper solder wick coated with RMA flux. Its high purity and tight weave make it fastwicking, quickly removing solder and minimizing dwell time. This solder remover wick is suitable for reworking

and repairing of circuit boards, benchtop repair and service, through-hole repair, and surface mount assembly touch-up.

Recommended Preparation

Wicking works best for the removal of surface solders. This desoldering method is not recommended for removal of solder in through plated holes. Choose a braid that matches the size of the solder to be removed. If there are small beads, choosing a wider braid will also speed up the desoldering process.

Removing Surface Solder

  1. Remove conformal coating or any contamination that may be present.
  2. Heat up the soldering iron. For lead-free solder, start with tip temperature of about 315 °C (599 °F) and adjust as necessary.
  3. (Optional) Apply flux to the lead or land area.
  4. Set the braid on the solder to be removed.
  5. Place the solder tip on the braid, avoiding contact with other components.
  6. When wicking action has ended, remove the soldering iron and braid together from the surface.
  7. Cut off the used section of the braid and discard.
  8. Let the area cool, clean the tip with the sponge, and repeat removal steps as necessary.
  9. Clean flux residue that may have accumulated with a flux remover like the MG #4140, MG #4140A, MG #4050A or MG #413B.

Storage and Handling

Store between 22 and 27 ˚C in a dry area, away from sunlight (see SDS). Keep away from moisture. Shrink wrapping is recommended for extended storage.