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CO2 Dragster Wheels, Blue Color - Hobby Wheels for Miniature Cars and Educational Project Kits Using 1/8" Axles

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  • Blue Color
  • Durable Plastic wheels with the cool spoke design.
  • 1/8” or .125” Diameter hole the will fit any steel, aluminum, or wood axle.
  • The 1/8” hole is hidden on the outside and is made so the axle doesn’t go all the way through the wheel.
  • Multiple color options to fit everyone's personality, design, school colors or personal preferences.
  • Made and Spec'd to be legally used in Co2 Dragster competitions.
  • Hands-on education is how the top educators teach their students. By building kits in class your students will feel and learn with their hands and minds which engraves the lesson in the student's mind in a fun memorable way while giving them real-world hands-on experience.