Fiskars Softgrip Fingertip Swivel Detail Knife

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The Softgrip® Fingertip Swivel Detail Knife features a unique blade that rotates a full 360 degrees to help you cut curves and intricate patterns without repositioning the knife, rotating your project or even lifting the blade off the paper. An ergonomically sculpted finger-loop handle is enhanced with Softgrip® for unmatched control, comfort and sensitivity. A great choice for cutting paper, cardstock, photos and other lightweight materials, this specialized knife also includes a no-roll design and blade cap for improved safety.®

  • Ideal for precisely cutting lightweight materials, including paper, cardstock and photos
  • Premium steel blade rotates 360 degrees to make cutting curves and tight patterns easy
  • Softgrip® touchpoint enhances comfort and control
  • Ergonomically sculpted finger-loop handle offers maximum control and sensitivity
  • No-roll design prevents knife from rolling off work surface
  • Included safety cap protects blade during storage
  • Replacing the blade is easy and takes only moments
  • Includes one swivel blade
  • Only compatible with swivel blades
  • Three-pack of replacement blades available (Sold separately)
  • Full lifetime warranty (excludes blades)
  • To remove blade, hold tool blade-side down and twist head clockwise until it detaches. Carefully overturn head to remove plastic blade cartridge. Always avoid contact with sharp edge.
  • Carefully insert new blade and reattach head to handle by twisting counterclockwise