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Global Specialties DL-020 - Sequential Logic Trainer


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Global Specialties’ DL-020 is the second model in its series of embedded systems design trainers. The DL-020 teaches students the advanced concepts of sequential digital logic design, which is an essential step toward understanding microprocessor and microcontroller Logic.

With the DL-020, all necessary logic components are included and pre-mounted for fast, easy implementation of sequential circuits that are used as the building blocks of microprocessors. These sequential circuits include the SR latch, D latch, register, memory, finite state machine (FSM), and several real-life controller examples.

Global Specialties’ logic trainer simplifies the teaching process by eliminating the need to discretely wire IC’s as all gate elements are pre-mounted, de-coupled, and de-bounced, ready for immediate classroom use. Students can spend their time directly on logic training.

Most importantly, the trainer includes a 62- page professionally written training manual featuring an overview of sequential digital logic and 12 corresponding hands-on labs enhancing any textbook currently in use.

The DL-020 is a complete and ruggedly packed trainer that will provide a solid learning platform to individuals and classroom students.


  • 62-page lab manual with 12 hands-on labs
  • Experiments using standard TTL logic
  • Regulated 5 V power (Vcc) and ground (GND) points
  • Commonly referenced truth table chart inside the case lid
  • High quality machined sockets for input and output interconnections
  • Gate elements presented in easy-to-visualize graphic form
  • Compatible with combinational logic circuits of the DL-010
  • Interactive download version of the manual available on the iTunes store (search Global Specialties)
  • Breadboard area allows the system to grow as students' knowledge increases
  • All gate elements are pre-mounted, decoupled, debounced, and fully integrated