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Global Specialties PB-505: Deluxe Analog & Digital Design Trainer

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The PB-505 is a robust electronics trainer engineered for electronics instruction and design and is ideal for analog, digital, and microprocessor circuits. Students will learn valuable hands-on breadboarding techniques and build a solid foundation in circuit experimentation, construction, and analysis. The PB-505 can be used to construct basic series and parallel circuits or the most complicated multi-stage microcomputer circuits, incorporating new trends in industrial technology.

  • Multiple test equipment features in one complete instrument.
  • 100KHz function generator with sine, square, triangle and TTL.
  • Triple output power supply offers 5VDC fixed plus two variable outputs: +\- 1.3 to +\- 15VDC.
  • Removable breadboard sections.
  • 8 channel logic monitor
  • 8 selectable logic switches
  • Two digital pulsers, audio experimentation speaker
  • High and low buffered logic indicators
  • Larger breadboard area
  • Low voltage (12.5VAC)
  • AC supply
  • Built in logic probe
  • BCD to 7 segment decoder/display
  • Compatible with optional trainer boards