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Global Specialties UBS-100 Solderless Breadboard

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The UBS-100 is Global Specialties largest single breadboard. The UBS-100 offers multiple bus strips and large socket area with 840 tie points. A permanent molded-in tie point numbering system allows the user to see at a glance where to tie wires and add connections. Each socket is made of durable polystyrene and nickel-silver contacts for the highest quality circuit connections. The UBS-100 comes with a heavy-duty Mylar backing to prevent short circuits. 0.3 inch center channels. Molded-in mounting holes permit front mounting to back plate or other surface with 4-40 flat head screws-rear mounting with #6-32F self-tapping screws. 168 term clips.

  • 840 Tie-point, 6-1/2"
  • Length x 2-3/16" Width Strip