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Texas Instruments Graphing Calculator Model TI-83

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  • High contrast display.
  • Many graph styles including normal, thick, dotted.
  • Financial Functions: Includes Time-Value-of Money, uneven cash flows, and amortization.
  • Split screen allows you to trace the graph and scroll table values simultaneously.
  • Complex numbers: operations performed in rectangular or polar format.
  • Includes keystroke programming commands for conditional tests, jumping, and loops.
  • Assembly language programming capabilities.
  • Four plot types including scatter, box-and-whisker, xy-line, histogram, and normal probability plots.
  • Allows linking with TI-83s, TI-82s, CBLs, CBRs and computers.
  • Store and analyze up to 10 matrices.
  • Define, save, and graph up to 10 rectangular, 6 parametric, and 6 polar functions, in addition to 2 recursively-defined sequences.
  • Advanced statistics: Includes hypothesis testing and confidence intervals.
  • Store data in lists containing up to 999 elements per list.