Parallax Propeller 2 P2X8C4M64P Multicore Microcontroller Chip


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The Propeller P2X8C4M64P (P2) is a multicore microcontroller with the performance of an MPU, excelling at real-time analog and digital applications. Designed to help engineers achieve the fastest time to market, the P2’s highly flexible, deterministic hardware and development environment are free from the complication, expense and lead time associated with traditional FPGA-type development cycles.

The P2 has 8 identical 32-bit processors each with 4 KB of dual-port RAM, a configurable clock up to 320 MHz (8×160 MIPs), 64 smart I/O pins, and a common hub with 512 KB of shared RAM and a CORDIC math solver.

Each of the 64 smart I/O’s can be accessed by every cog, and are independently able to execute hundreds of autonomous analog and digital functions. Each Smart Pin can support almost any protocol, with a growing list of objects including 1-WIRE, CANbus, DVI, HDMI, HDTV, HUB75, HyperFlash/RAM, I²C, QSPI/QSSI, RS485, SCI/SPI, SID, SD CARD, UART/USART, USB 2.0 HOST/SLAVE, VGA, XBEE. (For R&D only; end users must seek their own protocol licenses where needed.)

The P2X8C4M64P is available in this TQFP package, and also in the convenient P2 Edge Module compatible with P2 development boards and card edge connectors.

  • Eight 32-bit processors on a shared RAM with access to 64 identical smart I/O pins
  • 14 x 14 mm exposed-pad 100 pin TQFP package
  • Shipped in ESD foam lined box for small quantities, and in trays of 90 for large quantities
  • Silicon designed by Parallax, unencumbered from any third-party intellectual property obligations
  • Wafers made in the USA; chips packaged in the Philippines