Electronix Express

6000 Counts Digital Multimeter Tester, Inductance Meter, AC/DC Current Voltage Tester


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A small digital multimeter with a 6000 count display, with a capacity of, has most of the multimeter functions. It can function as an inductance meter, a fuse tester, an AC DC voltage, a current meter, a non-contact voltage tester, a capacitance tester, a resistance tester, and a diode tester. It can measure: inductance, capacitance, AC and DC current and voltage, diode, fuse, work cycle.

It is a truly versatile multifunctional tool.
It supports data hold, low battery indicator and continuity buzzer. It includes a convenient feature like the backlit LCD screen that makes it easy to use in low-light areas.


  • Auto ranging
  • True RMS
  • Data hold
  • Backlight
  • Low battery alert
  • Auto power off