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DIY Optical Audio Link Soldering Kit - Teaches Fiber Optic Communication Basics - Build Your Own Transmitter, Receiver, and Fiber Link (Beginner Skill Level)

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Easy to assemble voice link. Transmitter and receiver on separate PC boards. Great for learning the basics of fiber optic communications. Includes fiber optic devices, cable and connector. Requires two 9V batteries (not included).

  • This easy to assemble Optical Audio Link soldering kit familiarizes you with fiber optics technology and it's use, along with the preparation and termination of fiber optic cable
  • Includes an illustrated assembly manual and all of the necessary components to build your own voice link. Once assembled, you'll have a transmitter, receiver, and a fiber link to connect them.
  • A schematic diagram and overview of how a fiber optic link works is included in the manual
  • Volume can be adjusted via the potentiometer
  • Note: Assembly with a soldering iron is required. Solder and soldering iron are not included. Operation requires two 9V batteries (not included).