Rigol DS1054Z Digital Oscilloscope (50Mhz, 4 Channel, 1GS/S Sampling Rate) with Test Lead Kit

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    • DS1054Z Digital Oscilloscope 1GS/s

The DS1054Z is a 4-channel digital oscilloscope with 50MHz bandwidth, sample rates up to 1GSa /s, while both deep storage depth and high waveform capture rate, high performance economical general purpose digital oscilloscopes. DS1000Z series uses many of today's advanced technology and processes, the overall performance reached the international advanced level, for the most widely used digital oscilloscope markets including communications, semiconductor, automotive electronics, site maintenance, research/education and man other areas of universal design / debugging / testing requirements and design an oscilloscope.

    • 4 Channels, 50 MHz Bandwidth
    • UltraVision: Deeper memory 12 Mpts upgradable to 24 Mpts
      ( this is not a typo. This scope has 12 Megs of Memory standard! )
    • Up to 30,000 wfms/s Waveform capture rate
    • HUGE 7'' screen  WVGA(800X480) TFT
    • USB HOST, USB DEVICE, LAN, Aux (TrigOut /PassFail)
    • Incredible display with multi-Level intensity grading display
    • Realtime waveform, Record, Replay, function (Opt.)
    • A variety of Math Functions
    • FFT function standard
    • A variety of Trigger Functions
    • Optional Serial Bus Triggering and Decoding functions(RS232,I2C,SPI)
    • Standard Mask test function
    • Automatic Measurements with Statistics
    • This scope is truly amazing for the price. Deep memory, beautiful screen, 4 channels, free software, USB host interface, standard usb interface on the back, LAN/Ethernet standard, Aux (TrigOut /PassFail)
  • Test Lead Kit
    • 05ALS1 - Alligator Lead Set (Set of 10)
    • 05ALS3 - Banana to Alligator Lead Set
    • 05ALS5 - Banana to Hook Lead Set (one each of red and black)
    • 05ALS7 - IC Test Lead Mini Hook
    • 05SPAK110 - Scope Probe 60MHz Switchable
    • 05SPAT1 - BNC to IC Test Hook 36" long coax & 8" long connecting (Red & Blk.) wires
    • 05SPAT2 - BNC to Alligators - 36" long coax & 8" long connecting (Red & Blk.) wires