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Instek 100 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope 2 Channel

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Two plug-in compartments in the back of these instruments offer the economical flexibility to either add an optional 8 or 16 channel logic analyzer module, or a 5MHz function generator module, or both. These optional modules may be added and field-installed at any time. Using VPO advanced signal processing, this scope series is capable of examining signals and capturing glitches without missing any detail. VPO enables the display of signals to be distinguished based on their recurring frequencies. Many additional advanced features including segment memory function, search function and more.

  • Field-installable 8 and 16 channel logic analyzer module to upgrade to MSO
  • Field-installable 5MHz function generator module option
  • Built-in segmented memory and waveform search function optimizes efficiency of memory length. analyze min, max, mean with built-in segmented memory
  • Dual display with Play/Stop and Zoom window rapidly navigates waveforms
  • Large, 8" high resolution TFT LCD display
  • 100Gs/sec equivalent sampling rate, 2Gs/sec real time
  •  2M memory
  • 80,000 WFM/s waveform update rate
  • 26 auto measurement functions
  • FFT computing provides Frequency Domain Analysis