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Professional PC Etching Tank


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The PCB Etching Tank System us easy to assemble and use. Create PCB etchings in under 5 minutes. The tank features graduated markings to assist in setting correct etchant depth. Normal usage requires a minimum of 2,000cc (2 litres) to a maximum of 2,300cc (2.3 litres) of etching solution. Included are handy wire clips used to hang your boards in the tank. This feature makes it easy t lift the board out for an easy, quick check on the board's progress. Or, view the board in the translucent tank by shining a light on it during the process.

  • Molded plastic tank construction in high impact plastic
  • Plug-in heater to heat ferric chloride or etching chemical
  • Wire circuit board holders that hold the board during etching and assist in handling
  • Graduated markings on tank for proportions
  • Typical 4 minute time to remove copper