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20 Sheets Press-n-Peel Blue PCB Transfer Film, Printable A4 Size


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20 sheets of Printed Circuit Board transfer film for high precision, professional layouts. Adds extra layer of resist for super fine lines (less than 5 mil) and solid ground planes on single and double sided copper clad. Works with plain paper copiers and laser printers (Note: Not for use with inkjet printers). Eliminates darkrooms, chemicals, negatives and copy cameras. Make PC Boards from CAD software or magazines. 4 easy steps: Print, Iron-on, Peel off, and Etch. Detailed instructions are included.

  • Print or Copy Layout
  • Iron On
  • Peel Off (PNP-Blue)
  • Etch

PnP Blue produces high quality prototype PCB resist layouts making your design ready to etch. PnP Blue is a Mylar (Polyester) backed material in which several layers of release agents and resist coatings are applied. An image is printed or photocopied onto this film, using a laser printer or photocopier (dry toner based), and subsequently ironed or pressed onto a cleaned copper clad board. The image area applied to the film is subsequently transferred to the copper board, along with the high quality resist (blue). The film is removed and resulting board is ready to etch in ferric chloride.

Note: May not work well with later model Brother brand copiers and laser printers.