Pomona BNC Breakout Cables BNC female to minigrabber test clips

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Key Features

  • Minigrabber® test clip hooks attach to terminal sizes up to .060” diameter

  • Converts BNC (Male) cables to Minigrabber test clips for test versatility

  • BNC connector and Minigrabber test clip caps are molded directly onto the wire for pull strength durability and dust and moisture resistance

  • Minigrabber test clip hooks and BNC center contact are Beryllium Copper for superior strength.

  • Gold plating of Minigrabber hooks and BNC center contact offers optimum corrosion resistance and low contact resistance to ensure test signal integrity.

  • Black Minigrabber test clip to BNC shell, red Minigrabber test clip to BNC center contact.


  • BNC: Nickel plated brass

  • Center Contact: Gold plated Beryllium Copper

  • Wire: 20 AWG, PVC

  • Marking: Model 3788

  • Minigrabber test clips:

  • Contact: Gold plated Beryllium Copper,

  • Spring: Stainless steel

  • Insulation: Nylon, color: red and black