Hot Wire Tabletop Foam Cutter

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Ideal for architects, designers, decorators, artists and teachers. Useful for building architectural models, prototypes as well as classic model railroad, plane and boat items.


  • The working surface is Alu Corbond compound making easier to push work pieces around the large table.
  • Printed grid and protractor on worktable assist with division and cutting.
  • Solid aluminum over arm.
  • The holder and wire spool may be shifted and adjusted along the overarm to enable miter cutting.
  • An LED indicates operation and thus reminds you not to touch the hot wire to prevent burnt fingers (the wire heats to the maximum temperature in less than 1 second).
  • On/Off switch and electronic variable temperature control knob.
  • Lockable feed bar/fence for angle cuts.
  • Includes: one spool of NiCr8020 wire 98 ft, 0.008'' diameter.
  • Two year warranty