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Assortment of Switches: 20 pieces


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Perfect for the classroom! Complete range of standard, commonly used values.

Fantastic assortment from our regular inventory, not surplus.

A great way to try our most popular types of trimpots and potentiometers before ordering in bulk quantity.

Available in a zip lock bag, or for a few dollars more in a durable, adjustable polypropylene component storage case.


  • Normally open push button, red top
  • Norm open push button, black
  • Mini toggle SPDT
  • Tact switch, momentary, 1.5mm button ht
  • Illuminated pushbutton, dual-in-line mount
  • Mini slide SPST
  • Standard (bigger) slide, SPDT center off
  • Breadboard compatible slide SPDT
  • Mini slide DPDT
  • DIP switch, 8 position
  • Magnetic reed switch
  • Tilt (rollerball) switch
  • Limit/snap/micro switch solder lug terminals
  • Limit/snap/micro switch PC leads
  • Mini toggle, SPST PC leads
  • Mini toggle, DPDT solder lug leads
  • Mini toggle, SPST solder lug leads
  • Tact switch momentary, 5mm button height
  • Right angle momentary SPDT PC leads
  • Standard (bigger) toggle SPST