Gripper 3.0 for Parallax Small Robots

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The Gripper 3.0 is a precision CNC-machined end-effector design for all of Parallax’s small robots. It is available individually here, and in the Gripper 3.0 12-pack for classrooms.

The single servo actuates the grab-and-lift motion with only a small amount of linear movement. The tension between the Gripper plates is determined by a torsion spring which also holds the plates down until the Gripper has closed on the object, with remaining servo motion lifting the object from the surface. The programmer only needs to determine the servos opened/lowered, closed/raised position and the rate at which the transition occurs without consideration of the width of the object (provided it fits within the Gripper’s paddles).

Parallax’s ActivityBot 360°, Boe-Bot, Shield-Bot for Arduino, and cyber:bot are compatible with the Gripper; robot is not included. The kinds of objects the Gripper can easily pick up include 3D-printed cylinders, small wooden square blocks, and most lighter things about 1-½” in diameter and up to an ounce in weight. Adding foam tape to the paddles (included) and a small counterweight to the chassis (not included) may increase lift capacity. Take these parameters into consideration when designing autonomous robot contest rules.

  • Easy to assemble in less than one hour, following our Gripper assembly instructions web tutorial
  • CNC manufactured from 6061 aluminum in Rocklin, California to provide durable and lightweight performance
  • Compatible with the Parallax small robot chassis for a wide number of uses
Application Ideas:
  • Object retrieval and sorting of many types
  • Simulation of control systems and automation with real hardware
  • Contests using ping pong balls, 3D printed cylinders, wooden blocks, dry-erase markers
  • Use with Parallax sensors to detect objects
  • Ping))) Ultrasonic Sensor for simple location
  • Ping Laser Rangefinder when used in pairs may “center” the object ahead of the robot
  • Pixy2 Camera to identify colored objects, their size and position
  • Power Requirements: 4-6 VDC for servo
  • Communication interface: PWM signal for servo control
  • Dimensions: 3.1 in depth x 3.3 in width x 3.0 x 1.7 in tall (7.8 cm x 8.4 cm x 4.3 cm)
  • Opening width:
    • 2.0 in (5.1 cm) with no adhesive foam installed on Paddles
    • 1.5 in (3.8 cm) with adhesive foam installed on Paddles
Gripper 3.0 Kit Contents:
  • CNC machined aluminum parts:
    • (1) Hinge
    • (1) Base
    • (2) Arms
    • (2) Idler Gears
    • (2) Fingers
    • (2) Paddles
  • Laser-cut parts
    • (2) Gear Plate
  • Hardware parts
    • (9) 4-40 ⅜” panhead screws
    • (1) 4-40 nut
    • (9) 4-40 nylon locknuts
    • (6) 4-40 ¼” panhead screws
    • (4) 4-40 3/16” flathead screws
    • (1) 4-40 1-¼” panhead screw
    • (2) #4 stainless steel washers
    • (1) 1” Nylon spacer 3/16” diameter
    • (2) Universal “L” brackets
    • (1) Universal straight bracket
    • (1) Torsion spring, 90 degrees
    • (1) Brass rod with ring terminal connector
  • Miscellaneous
    • (1) 3M Safety glasses
    • (1) Super Lube white grease
    • (1) Combination wrench – not pictured
    • (1) Servo horn connector, brass
    • (1) Parallax Standard Servo
    • Foam tape, 10″ strip – not pictured