Weller 60W Soldering Iron with 6.4mm Chisel Tip, LED Illuminated (WLIR6012A)

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Solder skillfully and confidently with Weller's 60W Soldering Iron with LED Halo Ring™. With its 360 degree illumination, ergonomic molded pencil grip handle, easy-to-change tips, and integrated safety rest, it's the perfect high-quality and versatile soldering iron for all your soldering needs.


  • High Visibility LED Halo Ring™ - 360 degree illumination provides focused, bright light ensuring high-quality solder joints
  • Optimal Precision and Control - Ergonomic molded pencil grip provides you with comfort, precision and control
  • Quick Tip Change - Easily replace worn tips or change tip applications
  • Preinstalled Tip - The iron has a 6.4mm Chisel Tip (WLTCH4IR30) preinstalled. Conical and Screwdriver tips are also available, sold separately: Conical Tip 0.8mm (WLTC08IR30), Screwdriver Tip 4.0 mm (WLTS4IR30)
  • Integrated Safety Rest - On-board safety rest holds iron when not in use, reducing the risk of injury or damage to your workspace

Technical Data:

  • UPC: 037103346469
  • Tip shape: Chisel
  • Temperature accuracy of top heating °F: 880
  • Temperature range of top heating (°C): 471
  • Temperature range °F: 880
  • Tip Size: 6.4mm
  • Power: 60 W