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Combination Solder Feeder and Soldering Iron Stand (solder not included)

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  • Solder-Feeder with built-in Soldering Iron Stand (NOTE: solder not included)
  • Draw out your solder wire smoothly. Easy to unload and load a new spool of solder onto the roller when needed.
  • Soldering iron holder features an inner barrel that holds the iron securely and an outer coil that helps to protect your hand from accidental contact
  • The front has a 2.5" x 1.6" spot for your tip cleaning sponge (sponge not included). It can also be used for storing screws, components, or other small pieces.
  • Sturdy metal construction, weighs about 3.8 pounds. Includes an anti-slip rubber base that attaches to the bottom.
  • Measures 5.85" x 4.60" x 2.85" overall