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Scanner Card for GW Instek Bench-top 6 1/2 Digit Dual Measurement Multimeter Model8261

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The GDM-8261 is a high precision 6 ½ digit Digital Multimeter with dual measurement displays, 11 measurement functions and 10 math functions at high accuracy (35ppm DC voltage accuracy) to accommodate the most frequently performed parameter measurements in various application fields today. The GDM-8261 adopts a scanner card, which carries 16 V-Channels and 2 I-Channels, to facilitate the measurements of multiple-test points on either a device or multiple devices all at a press of a button. With this multi-point measurement capability, the GDM-8261 can be used as a semi-auto ATE System to increase the throughput of manufacturing test or as a data logger to perform long term monitoring or characterization of a DUT. A PC Software, DMM-Viewer, is available with GDM-8261 to support multi-channel panel setting and data logging of the scanner card. Besides, a LabVIEW driver is also supported to help user create his/her own virtual instrument on the PC screen for easy programming. For ATE system measurements or remote control applications, both USB and RS-232 Interfaces are provided as standard, and either GPIB or LAN can be selected as optional interface for the GDM-8261.


  • 6 1/2 Digit Display
  • 1,200,000 counts
  • DCV Basic Accuracy 0.0035%
  • Dual Measurements to perform two selected measurements simultaneously
  • Bright Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD)
  • 11 Measurement Functions & 10 Math Functions
  • High Resolution: Up to 100pA with DCI and 1nA with ACI Measurements
  • Temperature Measurement (RTD & Thermocouple) from -200℉ ~ +1820℉
  • High Transmission Speed: Up to 2,400 readings/sec through the USB
  • Standard Interfaces USB, RS232C, Digital I/O
  • Optional Interfaces GPIB or LAN
  • Optional Scanner Card GDM-SC1 (V ch x16, I ch x2)
  • Free PC software
  • DMM Viewer , LabVIEW Driver