Triplett Handheld Analog VOM with Polarity Rversing Switch

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The Triplett 310 Series is the favorite hand-held Analog VOM in the Maintenance and Telecommunications field. The Model 310C will measure a total of 18 different ranges and functions with an AC/DC voltage reading up to 600V. This model includes 42" safety leads, screw-on alligator clips, batteries, and a manual.


  • 18 Ranges and Functions
  • AC/DC Voltage up to 600V
  • DC Current up to 0.6A
  • Resistance up to 20MOhm
  • Polarity Reversing Switch
  • Greater Sensitivity on AC Volts
  • Drop Resistant, High-Impact Case
  • Diode Overload Protection with fUSEd Resistance ranges
  • Single Enclosed Range Switch