Xytronic Lead-Free Solder And De-Solder Station Model LF-8800

SKU: 0603XYLF8800

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  • Dual Digital Temperature Displays
  • Temp range 150 - 480 degrees F (302-896 degrees F). Tip temp accurate to within +/- 3 degrees C (6 degrees F)
  • Spike free circuitry - zero voltage switching and fully grounded design makes this unit safe for electro-sensitive devices
  • Electronic temp control - adjustable temp without having to change tips
  • Sensor fail notification
  • Includes both soldering iron and desoldering iron
  • Self-contained vacuum pump, no shop air needed
  • Optional accessories include surface mount tweezer iron and hot air pencil for small SMD, SOT rework
  • Heater power 100 Watt (soldering) and 100 Watt (desoldering)