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DCA Bench Meter DA-103 LCD Panel Meter 5 Amp DC

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This digital bench DCA meter is a high quality, easy to use meter at an economic price point. It provides portable protection.

  • LCD display, 18mm digit height
  • 9V battery operation
  • Automatic zero adjust
  • CATII 600V rating Approx. 0.4 sec. sampling Instruction manual
  • Color: Yellow
  • Digital bench DCA meter, easy operation, professional quality, compact size.
  • 4 ranges : 2 mA x 0.001 mA, 20 mA x 0.01 mA, 200 mA x 0.1 mA, 5 A x 0.01 A
  • Large LCD display, 18mm digit height
  • All ranges build in fuse for over load protection
  • Meets IEC1010 CATII 600V.
  • Frequency Response : 40 Hz-500 Hz, sine wave.
  • Power Supply: 9V battery.
  • Applications include education, industrial, QC and R and D, Lab. Useful for students, on the go lab, instrument chects. Compact and easy to handle