Digilent Analog Parts Kit by Analog Devices: Companion Parts Kit for the Analog Discovery

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The Analog Parts Kit contains a large selection of components perfect for creating a wide variety of useful circuits and devices. Featuring components from Analog Devices®, the kit includes transistors, resistors, capacitors, diodes, sensors, and a variety of useful ICs including op-amps, convertors, and regulators. Finally, the kit also comes with an assortment of lead wires, a solderless breadboard, and a screwdriver. 

Companion Parts Kit Contents:

AD22151 Magnetic Field Sensor, AD7920 12-Bit ADC, AD5626 12-Bit DAC, AD8210 Current Shunt Monitor, AD8226 Instrumentation Amplifier, AD8542 CMOS Rail to Rail Op Amp, ADP3300 Linear Regulator, ADTL082 JFET Op-Amp, ADXL327 3-Axis Accelerometer, LT3092 Programmable Current Source, LTC1541 Micropower Amp, LTM8067 Isolated DC/DC Converter, 2x Hexa-Path Transformers, SJ-43515TS-SMT-TR TRRS Microphone In, ZX62D-B-5PA8(30) MicroUSB Connector, AD584 Programmable Voltage Reference, AD592 Current Temperature Sensor, AD654 Voltage to Frequency Converter, AD22100 Voltage Temperature Sensor, AD8561 Comparator, LT3080 Adjustable 1.1A LDO, LTC1043 Precision Switch-CAP Block, LTC1054 Switched-Capacitor Regulator, LTC1485 Differential Bus Transceiver, 4x Precision Op Amps, OP482 High Speed JFET Op Amp, TMP01 Temperature Controller, SN74HC04N Hex Inverter, SN74HC08N Quad AND Gate, SN74HC32N Quad OR Gate, SN74HC273N Octal Flip Flop, Solderless Breadboard, Jumper Wires, Screwdriver, Microphone, 8 Ohm Speaker, QSC114 Infrared Transistor, B57164K103J 10kOhm Thermistor, SQP10AJB-6R2 6.2Ohm 10W Power Resistor, 3x Potentiometers, 6x Various Transistors, Various LEDs, QED-123 Infrared LED, QSD123 Infrared Photo Transistor, 2x Signal Diodes, 1N4001 General Purpose Rectifier, 1N4735 Zener Diode, OP999 Photodiode, 5x Various Inductors