Pmod HYGRO: Digital Humidity and Temperature Sensor

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The Pmod HYGRO is a relative humidity sensor with integrated temperature sensor for highly accurate measurements at low power. With the TI HDC1080, you can determine the relative humidity of the environment with up to 14 bits of resolution. The Pmod HYGRO is designed to digitally report the relative humidity and ambient temperature upon request by the host board. Up to 14 bits of resolution for each sensor may be collected by allowing for longer conversion times. A resistive heating element can be enabled to test the sensor or to drive off condensation that accumulates on the sensor after being consistently exposed to high humidity conditions.



  • Relative Humidity Accuracy 2%
  • Temperature Sensor Accuracy 0.2 ƒ
  • Good stability at high humidity
  • 14-bit measurement resolution
  • Internal resistive heating element
  • 6-pin Pmod connector with IC interface
  • Pass-through Pmod host port for daisy chaining