Digital Multimeter With 250US Peak Record Mode

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Identifies complex signal problems fast

Provides the resolution and accuracy to efficiently troubleshoot motor drives, plant automation, power distribution, and electromechanical equipment. On top of that, this industrial multimeter effectively performs in loud, high energy, and high altitude locations. Features a low pass filter which supports precise frequency measurements on VFDs and acquires intermittents as quickly as 250 µS.

Use this multimeter to measure AC currents up to 10 A directly. Also, features a built-in thermometer that enables you to take temperature readings without having to carry a separate instrument and more. Plus, comes with a bright, two-level backlit display which allows you to see the results better in dim light.

Correctly measure pulse-width modulated motor drive signal

Takes the guesswork out of drive system troubleshooting. Includes a unique function for accurately measuring noisy at the VFD and at the motor terminals. Special shielding blocks high frequency, high-energy noise generated by large drive systems.

Electrical safety

All the inputs on this industrial multimeter are updated to the third and CAT III, 1000 V. They are designed to withstand spikes in excess of 8 V.


  • Rugged, high accuracy industrial multimeter to measure current, voltage and frequency on complex variable frequency drive (VFD) signals
  • True-RMS AC voltage and current for measuring non-linear signals
  • Captures intermittents as short as 250 µS
  • Safety rated CAT III 1000 V, CAT IV 600 V
  • Built-in thermometer and temperature probe
  • Easy access door for fast battery changes without breaking the calibration seal
  • Removable holster with built in test lead and probe storage for convenience
  • Audible Input Alert warning against wrong use of input jacks
  • Provides peak capture and min/max/avg recording
  • 6000 counts, 3-3/4 digit resolution, or 20,000 counts, 4-1/2 digit—resolution
  • Fits into an optional magnetic hanger for easy set-up and viewing while freeing your hands for other tasks
  • Includes an analog bargraph for fast changing or unstable signals
  • Presents a large digit display with bright, two-level backlight for easier reading in low light
  • Delivers 0.05% DC accuracy
  • Measures up to 1000 VAC and DC
  • 10,000 µF capacitance range for components and motor caps
  • Relative mode to remove test lead interference from low ohms measurements
  • Auto and manual ranging for maximum flexibility
  • Touch hold to capture stable readings of noisy signals
  • Two-level backlit display


  • Motor drives
  • Plant automation
  • Power distribution
  • Electromechanical equipment