Digital Multimeter Kit with Capacitance / HFE Checker - Soldering Required

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ADVANCED KIT: Need previous knowledge of electronics, good soldering techniques. Assembly is more complex.

An affordable way to get a high quality digital meter. This meter features all the standard functions, plus capacitance and hfe checker, diode tester, low battery indicator and overvoltage protection. Complete with easy to follow assembly instructions.

  • DC and AC Voltage:
  • 200mV, 2, 20, 200, 1000
  • DC and AC Current:
  • 00uA, 2mA, 20mA, 200mA, 20A


  • 200, 2K, 20K, 200K, 2M, 20M


  • 2nf, 20n, 200n, 2u, 20uf, 200uF
  • Diode Test
  • hFE Measurement
  • Audio Continuity
  • Rubber Holster