RSR Bench Digital Multimeter 5 Digit, High Accuracy Auto Calibrating 10 Diff. Measurements

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The MS8050 is a multi-feature instrument with a dual 5 digit display and 53,000 count measurement for high accuracy and stability. Ten different measurement functions make this model a powerful, versatile performer. With a 30 full screen memory function for saving test data, and display/draw/record software for all test processes, an extremely wide range of applications exist for the MS8050. Its exclusive dynamic scale, which can detect very small changes of parameters, along with its computer interface capabilities, make it ideal for use as a recorder. Safety protection against operator error also makes it perfect for university labs, school technology, industry and research and development.

  • AC/DCV + ACV: Six ranges to 1000V
  • AC/DC Current + AC Current: Six ranges to 10A
  • Capacitance: Six ranges to 5000uF
  • Resistance: Six ranges to 50M
  • Logic Frequency: 5Hz ~ 2MHz
  • Linear Frequency: 10Hz ~ 2MHz
  • Duty Cycle: 5Hz ~ 500KHz
  • RS-232 interface and software
  • Software calibrates automatically
  • Auto/Manual ranging, diode test, full screen memory function, data hold, full overload protection, min/max, relative and average measurement, DC accuracy to 0.03%, 110V or 220V power operation