Rigol DSA705 500MHz Spectrum Analyser

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Rigol's DSA700 series spectrum analyzer makes radio, IoT, and educational/hobbyist measurements more accessible than ever with value analyzers designed for lower frequency RF test. The DSA700 shares the popular mechanical package of the DSA800 series analyzer with a focus on measurements below 1 GHz. The spectrum analyzer offers the ability to measure smaller signals using our digital IF filter, which allows for smaller bandwidth settings and reduces displayed noise levels. The DSA700 also distinguishes between signals with a frequency difference as little as 100 Hz. The DSA700 has the capability to monitor FSK signals with the 2FSK-DSA option. A complete spectrum analyzer for your low frequency signals and systems at an unprecedented price. 


  • Frequency range from 100kHz to 500MHz
  • Displayed average noise level (DANL)
  • Minimum resolution bandwidth (RBW) 100Hz
  • Phase noise
  • Level measurement uncertainty <1.5dB
  • 8" (800 x 480) high-definition display
  • Linear and logarithmic frequency axis
  • Connectivity: LAN(LXI), USB Host & Device
  • PictBridge support
  • Compact size and light weight
  • Supplied with... USB cable, UK & European mains leads, quick guide,
  • Optional PC software... Ultra Spectrum, S1210 EMI Pre-Compliance Test
  • Other options include... EMI filter & quasi-peak detector, advanced measurement functions, 2FSK measurement & analysis in signal seamless capture mode, USB to GPIB module, rack mount kit, soft carry bag, RF transmitter demo kit, RF receiver demo kit