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PICMicro Multiprogrammer

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  • This new PIC microcontroller multiprogrammer V7 connects to your PC via USB to provide you with a low cost, flexible  programmer for development and programming use.
  • This board can be used with Assembly, C or Flowcode and most third party compilers. The board will program a wide range of 8, 14, 18, 20, 28 and 40 pin PICmicro microcontroller devices from the 12, 16 and 18 series PICmicro range, using the programming software provided, and presents all 5 ports on D-type sockets for E-blocks connection.
  • The board takes power from an external power supply or from the USB port. Microchip ICD2 and PICkit2 sockets are provide an alternative reprogramming and debugging techniques. A PIC16F88 device is included. This new version of the Multiprogrammer is compatible with the In-Circuit Debug features of Flowcode 4 and later.