Fluke Handheld Digital Storage Oscilloscope Scope Meter

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This 20MHz digital storage scope is the ideal choice for technicians troubleshooting industrial machinery, instrumentation, control and power systems including: AC/DC motor drives, sensors and actuators, power lines, transformers and converters, and analog and digital control loops. The patented Connect-and-View hands-off operation saves time in fault finding by providing a stable, reliable, and repeatable display of signals without touching a button. Works for even the most complex signals including motor drives and video. Dual channel TrendPlot tracks intermittents by recording readings from minutes to days with time and date stamped minimum and maximum readouts. The built-in dual channel DMM measures VDC, True RMS VAC, AC/DC current, resistance, frequency, capacitance, temperature, continuity, diode, duty cycle, pulse width, phase A to B, crest factor, dBV and dBm.


  • 1.25GS/sec repetitive sampling rate
  • Connect-and-View hands-off operation
  • 1.25GS/sec repetitive sampling rate Dual channel TrendPlot for "cause and result" troubleshooting
  • 1.25GS/sec repetitive sampling rate Single test leads for all measurements - waveform display, multiple meter readings, capacitance, resistance and continuity
  • 1.25GS/sec repetitive sampling rate Optical-to-RS232 interface port, 600V isolation
  • 1.25GS/sec repetitive sampling rate 2-channel, True RMS, 5000 count DMM