FLUKE-190-102/AM/S - ScopeMeter Oscilloscope with SCC-290 KIT, 2 input channels, 100 MHz bandwidth with 1.25 GS/S

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Simplify electrical signal analysis and diagnose equipment failures in the field with the Fluke 190-102. The portable oscilloscope offers the same performance as a bench scope with feature rich capabilities to tackle just about any troubleshooting task. Designed for plant maintenance engineers and technicians, the 190 ScopeMeter® Series goes into harsh and dirty industrial conditions to test everything from microelectronics to power electronics applications. The Fluke 190-102 two-channel portable oscilloscope features a CAT III 1000V/CAT IV 600V safety rating and is IP-51 rated to withstand harsh environments. Get unprecedented ease-of-use with Connect-and-View triggering to capture and analyze waveforms hands free. With 100MHz bandwidth and real-time sampling rates up to 1.25 GS/sec, you can quickly and easily capture noise and other disturbances to quickly make sense of your signals and eliminate the tedium of troubleshooting.


  • 2 independent floating isolated inputs for making differential measurements
  • Flexibility and convenience of an integrated 5000 count digital multimeter
  • 100MHz bandwidth and 125 GS/sec high-speed sampling
  • CAT III 1000 V/CAT IV 600 V safety rated for high voltage environments
  • Connect-and-View for intelligent, automatic triggering on fast, slow and even complex signals
  • ScopeRecord®Roll mode captures low frequency signal anomalies over minutes, hours, or days
  • TrendPlot paperless recorder mode trends meter measurements over days and weeks to identify signal changes
  • Automatic capture and replay of last 100 screens
  • Isolated USB host port for memory devices and PC connectivity
  • Up to 7 hours of standard battery operation and easy-access battery door for quick battery swaps in the field
  • Li-Ion battery for extended operating timespan
  • Charge spare battery using optional external battery charger EBC290
  • Easy-access battery door to make it easy to swap batteries
  • Handy slot to tether and lock down oscilloscope while unattended using a standard Kensington lock