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Instek Bench Style DMM with USB

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The basic difference between Model GDM8341 & Model GDM8342 is that the 8342 provides storage for data collection on a flash drive, a temperature function and it may also be equipped with a factory installed GPIB interface. Models offer computer connectivity via USB interface. All other specs are common to all instruments

  • 50,000 count 0.02% dcv accuracy
  • Dual display measurement
  • Three selectable measurement speeds
  • Auto/Manual ranging, true RMS
  • Min/Max, Rel/Rel#, MX+B, 1/X, Ref%, compare, hold, dB, dBM
  • Free software, remote control, data retrieve
  • Capacitance : 7 ranges to 50uF
  • Frequency: 3 ranges to 1 MHz
  • 11 different measurement functions
  • Data storage collection and temperature functions ( Model GDM8342 & 8342GP)