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Electrical Safety Test Model 9804

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Highly durable with multiple user-protection design. Meet variety of safety standards such as IEC, EN, UL, CSA, GB, JIS and other safety-related test requirements for electronic products and components.


  • High Efficiency and High Stability Output PW amplifier design. Output source up to 98% effciency. Less then 1% regulation
  • High Accuracy and High Resolution Testing. 2V adjustable steps. Current measurement done with 1uA resolution and +/-(1.5% + 30uA) accuracy enables small leakage measurements
  • Constant protection function in operation throughout testing. Self-check when power turned on, then "detection voltage" sent during initialization period checks for shorts to prevent high voltage or current returning during test. Additional cut off protection mechanisms
  • LCD display clearly shows setting parameters, test conditions, measurement values and DUT inspection results
  • Manual or auto test mode, function key for quick selecting, True RMS, 100 memory block for test condition (step) settings, USB device and RS232 interface. GPIB optional

Optional accessories available include GPID card, High Voltage Test Pistol, High Voltage Test Probe, USB, RS232 or GPIB cable, rack adapter panel