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Spectrum Analyzer High Stability Osc. Option

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The LPT-1750R Windows software (included) gives you the ability to USE your PC directly connected with RS-232 or from a dial-up modem. Internal memory and real time clock allows remote access or fully automatic unattended measurements any any time day or night. Unattended remote functions include PC connection, monitoring, field survey, positioning, analysis of spectrum and frequency at a time.Remote control through the internet saves in costs, travel and labor and provides real time control and environmental analysis. This instrument provides versatile data acquisition, 24 hour data logging and enables international remote experiments.

2-way Multi Real Time Frequency Analysis (2.6 GHz with freq. ext. option)

Data Acquisition and management

2-way unattended signal monitoringAutomatic signal control

24 hour data logging function

Multi Real Time Field Survey and control with GPS option

Multi Remote Control with tracking generator option

Applications: wireless multi remotes, microphones, monitors for customer service, bluetooth radio/two-way, trunk radio, industrial, scientific, medical (ISM, public utilities, IR, railroads, commercial broadcasting, cellular, PCS, TRS, paging, point-to-point microwave, production line QC (pass/fail)